Certain Portuguese machines do not accept Curve

Good morning, why is it still impossible in Portugal to make payments on machines that only accept debit card payments? Even with an underlying debit card in Curve ? The machine say “TPA WITHOUT CONTRACT” which means they only accept debit cards. Shouldn’t it be possible to make payments with Curve?

That’s because shops only accept Multibanco, and not Visa or Mastercard.
Curve is a Debit Card, but not Multibanco.
Some bank cards in Portugal have dual mode, Multibanco or Visa/MasterCard.

It has nothing to do with debit or not debit, despite what many cashiers would have you believe. The issue is that Multibanco is a card scheme just like Visa or MasterCard.

Virtually all Portuguese cards are dual scheme and have a combination of Multibanco with something else, usually Visa or Mastercard. Curve is MasterCard only, meaning that it will not work in places that only accept Multibanco

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I never had that problem in Portugal, I didn’t knew some places only accepted multibanco and I just have been carrying my curve card :hushed: good to know

I went to McDonalds in Portugal and they couldn’t accept my Curve card.

I already went to several McDonalds in Portugal, using my Curve Card, and it worked every time.

Not sure what could be the problem there… maybe the underlying card? different pos terminal?

What did the Curve support team told you?

The cashier told me they don’t accept master or visa cards. Only the local Portuguese bank cards, so I did not contact support. That was in Faro, it may be different is other cities :man_shrugging:t3:

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With McDonalds it varies, on a few locations they’ll accept all cards right on the automated kiosks. What most often happens is that for non Multibanco cards you have to ask for the portable terminal at the counter. Never heard of a McDonalds that doesn’t have this portable terminal that accepts non Multibanco cards

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