Change Back To Raised Card Numbers


My card was recently re-issued and is no longer usable if systems go down. Given this is a black card and thus a premium product I think it’s now less attractive and means I have to carry a second card even when travelling. Previously I would leave cards at home / in the hotel safe which was one of the things that attracted me to Curve.

The newer cards with the number printed on the rear don’t have the same flexibility if, as happened recently, card terminal connectivity goes down and retailers rely on the old manual back ups

Hello @ChrisAK,

By “Change Back To Raised Card Numbers”, do mean change back to the previous card design?

The design itself does not affect the usability of the card. Which method are they using as manual backup where the card details aren’t sufficient to make the payment?

Hi Marie,

In essence yes, the new design prevents the use of the old style manual card processing slips which still exist as back ups whereby an impression of the raised card number is taken. This therefore limits the card usage

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Hi Chris,

Do they require to take a carbon print of the card?

May I ask you where you have experienced this?

Hi Marie,

Yes they did due to their terminals relying on O2 and as we know all too well the network was down. This was a bar called Tafarn Yr Afr (The Goat Inn in English) in Garndolbenmaen North Wales. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this at this venue when their terminals go down

It’s not their usual procedure but by removing the embossed numbers you prevent card acceptance during fallback procedure and that wasn’t the case with the beta cards. You’re not the only company to have done so, Starling has done this too and I presume it is to do with the company issuing cards on your behalf but it would be ideal to revert to the older style realistically.

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Hi @ChrisAK - In those situations, wouldn’t the merchant simply write the numbers out on the slip (that’s happened to me before)?


Would it even work with Curve though? Doesn’t Curve require a connection so that they can query the underlying card to see if the transaction will be approved before authorising the payment themselves at the merchant end?

They said not and that they would only take embossed cards as they can be used in that way. I’m guessing it’s merchants choice but it’s simply feedback for Curve and a request to re-look at this

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They do process offline payments, it’s happened to me before when the card was embossed

That’s fair enough - Although I’d imagine the cases like yours (small remote Welsh pub being offline due to an unprecedented O2 failure) are probably not particularly common.

I don’t know if there is a cost element at play with the cards - But I love the flat design (the new one, without the embossed numbers).

Appreciate it’s personal preference though :smiley:

Yes, I quite like it too. Fits in my wallet better and it means the wallet doesn’t bulge as much. All those raised numbers add up when they are next to each other :wink:

Oh wait… I’m not supposed to be carrying all those other cards when I have Curve… :thinking:


Unless it’s raised (pardon the pun) we can’t find out any maybe get a solution for both, who knows though I suspect this was enforced by the card issuer but it would be great to know one way or the other.

Do you think? I’d never thought that (after Curve followed Starlings non raised approach) - I just assumed it was for aesthetic purposes!

@Curve_Marie - I don’t suppose you can answer that question can you? :smiley:

There was no enforcement, we wanted to create a nicer looking card for you all :blush:


I personally really like the card design without the raised numbers. I would think it would be a step back to force you to have them.

I think the black card would translate really well to a metal card. I would love to have the concentric circles very slightly textured :heart_eyes:

I would definitely be interested if that’s the metal card design!


Wait, what? The Curve card comes without embossed numbers? How did I miss this?!

I’ve still got the original card with BETA and embossed numbers on it but would love a new one without. Would fit nicer in my Tumi wallet.

They can just write the numbers in, these days there is no fraud liability advantage to imprinting the card (in the past, you’d be protected from having a chargeback if you used the imprinter). In Canada it is fairly common to see the manual imprinters (especially rurally) but if the card isn’t embossed they’ll just write it in (I’ve also seen or two places just photo copy the front of the card, in places like hotels instead (when there is some kind of communication problem).

If they photocopied the new card they’d be in breach of PCI-DSS as they’d be storing the cvv number on the signature strip.

That said as everyone has said before, whenever my card has been imprinted (suit deposits, etc) they’ve written it in. There is also cash when it gets that bad.

I would agree with having raised numbers. Especially when abroad. I took mine to Italy and Poland and there are some places where they are reluctant to accept these cards. Also, I wasn’t able to use the curve card at the car rental in both as they specifically state that they will only accept cards with raised numbers.

Yes…they accept debit card.

Shame, cos with Curve I would have saved on bank transaction fees.

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At least in Canada, Hilton’s policy is if the communications link is down is to cover the CVV with a piece of paper before photocopying it (If the card details are on the back).