Change card PIN using Curve app

I suggest changing Curve card PIN in your Curve app. Currently PIN can only be change using ATM


I support that feature. WireCard, which is the credit card issuer of Curve (and also many other fintechs) support the feature to get the card pin changed over an app.

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How does that work when the PIN is stored on the card itself too? Or maybe the PIN isn’t stored on the card with some cards?

Normally, the pin change is done in an ATM but not available in all country or in all bank

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I lively suggest to include in the app the option to change the Curve card PIN .
The current option to change it at Mastercard certified ATMs is quite uncomfortable, since only selected ones are eligibile (at least in Italy) and the feature is available only during business hours, at least this is what I have noticed when tried , with no luck, to change my Curve PIN at selected ATMs.

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Die Möglichkeit die Pin der Karte in der App zu ändern wäre wirklich super.
Bei mir in Deutschland geht es leider nicht am ATM. Ein bekannter der auch Curve nutzt hat seine Pin in den USA am ATM geändert.
Ich hoffe das man es bald auch in Deutschland am ATM machen kann und ebenfalls in der App.


I live in the Netherlands and was told that the pin could be changed at an ING bank ATM that accepts MC. Tried at several machines and asked an employee of ING. He told me it is only possible with an ING MC. So yes, I would definitely like a pin change option in the app, just as with the Revolut card.


The new PIN can be downloaded on the next transaction using issuer scripts.

If you’re leaving in Amsterdam you should try this ATM :

In France none of our bank allow pin change. But i could on an ICE’s ATM in France :slight_smile:


I would like to see this as well. Another compromise could be to have users set an initial pin when signing up for Curve and then permit changes at ATMs where available.


Thanks for this reply. I will certainly try.

Portuguese ATMs don’t allow PIN change for non Multibanco (Portuguese payments scheme) cards, so effectively there’s no way for me to change the card PIN.

It would be great if the PIN could be changed in app. Other financial institutions such as Bunq already allow this

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I don’t think that Curve uses offline PINs

I wasn’t really aware that there were offline and online PINs, so that’s interesting to know :slight_smile:

The Curve cards supports both but offline PIN is preferred.

The difference between an online and off-line PIN is that an online PIN is not stored on the card. Once the cardholder enters the PIN at the point of sale terminal, the PIN is encrypted by the PIN pad and sent online to the host for validation.

In an off-line PIN situation, the PIN is stored securely on the chip card and during a transaction, when the cardholder enters the PIN, the POS terminal sends the PIN to the chip card for verification. The cardholder verification therefore takes place within the chip card.

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I am also a german resident, did it in Austria.

You can change it at Euronet ATMs, both in Portugal and elsewhere.

I know, unfortunately Euronet ATMs don’t exist anywhere. Only half a dozen of them at the historic part of Lisbon and Porto and in some beachfront touristic locations. Making 160km for a PIN change doesn’t look like a worthwhile proposition

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Any idea at which ATMs in Germany I can change pins?