Change card PIN using Curve app

I’ve tried the pin change on some German ATMs and when the option is given, it gives an error after typing in a new pin.

I tried in many ATM in Italy : don’t work.
ICE in Paris (Chatelet) worked perfectly.


I just come from UK, it’s ok at ATM Royal Bank of Scotland, Canterbury, on Rose Lane. Pat.

i just did it last week in Austria. On an Raiffeisen ATM

I changed mine at a Barclays Bank ATM here in Wales.

Is this now possible on Curve App?

No, still has to be done at an ATM

Is not yet available :frowning:

No, still needs an ATM.

What about Spain?
Does anyone try to change it somewhere?

@Dealcocero I’ve attempted, no success.

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During the last Christmas I tried to change the pin in several ATM in Bilbao, but was not possible…


Which pin are used then use the card onboard in a flight?

At least give us the ability to choice the pin the order the card
Or then the card expire


please make it possible to change pin in App (if necessary: “confirm” with a wthdrawal at the ATM).

I really hope this Feature comes soon.


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I dont think it’s a technical problem for curve. Many other cards issuers does offer that feature. I can do it on my MC from N26 directly from the appli, just need to withdraw cash to validate the new PIN. Wait and see. :slight_smile: Pat

This would be great, but the request exits already for a long time and Curve unfortunately has not responded yet…


I can confirm that all of my underlying cards offer “wish pin” either changing the pin via web / app or at 1st time of sign up


+1 good idea, starling bank already lets you do this so I can’t see the issue with curve allowing it as well.

Just wanted the community to know that it is possible to change the PIN of your Curve Card at a Dutch ‘Geldmaat’ ATM. In 2019 & 2020 the ATMs of the three biggest Dutch banks (Rabobank, ING and ABN-AMRO) will be replaced by generic ‘Geldmaat’ ATMs. Here you can check where you can find ‘Geldmaat’ ATMs:

So if you are visiting the Netherlands or living near the border in Belgium or Germany you may give it a try.

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