Change card PIN using Curve app

How will it work?
If you are at the airport
Change the pincode in the app
Then go onboard a flight
And the system are running offline

Or if the payment system are offline in a shop, if the system are offline
And process the payment

How do you make sure the pincode get on the card?

At that point the card will still accept the old PIN, until it is used in one online transaction. You don’t need to make sure the PIN gets to the card immediately. You just need to use the old PIN until that happens, and then after that, use the new PIN.

Works the same for other banks that issue their cards using Wirecard.
Why not for Curve? Still no news?

I see
Why not
Or you could find a ATM
And update the card
Insert the card, enter the new pincode
And cancel the transaction

Difficult to do in Germany. Almost no ATM supports that, and these that do, usually only support it for cards from the same bank.

You change the pincode in the app
To update the card, you find a ATM to update the new pincode

Yeah, that’s how it could be implemented. But as of now, I don’t see such an option in the Curve app, or am I missing that? I can only view the existing PIN, not change it in the app.

No sadly curve dont have that option

But it was an idea how it could works

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I thought PIN verification was done on the card card offline?

Hence why if you change the PIN remotely, it requires a successful transaction to write the new PIN to the card, but if you change the PIN at an ATM it’s instantly updated irrespective of being online or not?

I think this isn’t quite true.

PIN verification happens offline for all card transactions, but I believe it is always online for ATM withdrawals, even for offline cards? I believe I read something about this once on the Monzo Community. Apparently it is to do with “Scripting” which writes new data to the card when presented in an online transaction. Perhaps somebody can confirm this.

If so, it would be possible for Curve to allow you to change the PIN in-app, with advice to force update the new PIN on the card chip by simply going to an ATM and conducting a withdrawal. The ATM would go online to verify the PIN, and Curve would reply with the “new PIN” you had just set. Scripting would then run on the Chip, as usual, therefore writing the new PIN to the Chip.

The good thing about this is that it would allow customers in other countries, where the Change PIN option doesn’t appear on ATMs to update their PINs without having to do anything special at the ATM - any ATM would do.

Ahh, that sounds very interesting indeed!

I know what I’ll be spending my evening researching now :joy:

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Do report back with how you get on!

If you are looking up scripting on the Monzo Community, I think it was a post by Rika (who works at Monzo) which explained it?

Something discussing what the difference was between online and offline transaction processing anyway.

@andyk I have found something which seems to corrobate what I was saying, but I think it wasn’t exactly the post I was remembering (there must be more out there)!

This is from way back, when Monzo was still known as Mondo.

Apologies for the triple post, but this is the thread I was originally thinking of (I think!).

Interesting what was said in the last post I quoted, though, in that a specific set of menu options had to be used to trigger scripting. Perhaps that means you have to go to PIN options and select “Unlock PIN”? Although I would have thought a withdrawal would do it most of the time.

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Just changed PIN on an Euronet ATM in Alicante Spain

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