Change country of residence

Hi there,

I am looking to relocate from the UK to Portugal within the next month or two. I know that I can fill up a form online to change my address, but as my long term residency will change as well, what is the procedure to update that in the app - has anyone had any experience of doing this?

As I also use Revolut, I contacted them over live chat and I was given a clear cut list of documents that I needed to provide to change country of residence - a list of what Curve requires would help.

Any suggestion or advise will be much appreciated.

Also, if this was an item in the help section, that might help others as well.


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I don’t think much changes…

Do they care where you reside? Just update your address.

Hey @rupak.sinha sorry for the delay in my reply on this. Moving to another country within the EEA is usually not a big problem. You’ll just need to get in touch with our support team to change your address. They’ll also be able to tell you if you’ll need to provide any other details :grin:

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