Change of card - what happens to the old one?


When I activate a new Curve Card (e.g. when upgrading from Blue), what then happens to my old/current one? Does it just become obsolete and no longer work? If something gets “charged” to it (e.g. an online subscription or payment method I forget to change), will it “fail” or will it automatically be charged to my new Curve Card?


You can only have one active Curve issued card for your account. If you activate a new card, the old one will become inactive. A recurring payment setup with the card details of the old card, will most likely fail and you eill need to change card details for that subscription.

Thanks - thats what I was expecting to hear, so thanks for confirming it.

The good thing is that the Curve app sends you a notification saying that you tried to use an old Curve card, so it is pretty clear for you and can update the payment info.

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