Change to LoungeKey Pricing

We’re getting in touch with you as a valued Curve Metal cardholder, to let you know that LoungeKey increased their prices across all programs earlier this month.

As part of your elite Curve Metal benefits package, you will continue to get up to a 50% discount on airport lounge access but the price per visit will increase from £15 to £20. Your travel companions will also continue to enjoy this discounted rate as always, when they join you as your guests.

As our loyal customer, Curve want you to continue to enjoy lounge access at £15 for the next 30 days , so we will cover the additional fee until the 21st of November 2019.

From the 22nd November the price will increase to £20 inline with LoungeKey’s new pricing.

If you use LoungeKey during this period, please contact our Customer Experience Team, at, who will be happy to apply a £5 credit in Curve Cash to your account.

If you would like to learn more about LoungeKey, you can check out our FAQs. We’d like to thank you for being an early adopter of Curve Metal and a loyal customer. Have a great week and do let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

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So what is the benefit of having this as part of the Metal Card? The fact you only pay £20 or the fact you get rights to use?

I thought the access was free and formed part of the Metal Card monthly cost…


The access has never been advertised as free.

Has it not? Perhaps me misunderstanding then!

No, it’s never been free. It was originally advertised as “up to 60% off”, then as £15/visit.


Surely as that’s a change to the terms and conditions customers of Curve metal have the option of cancelling the contract and walking away. (That’s of course if they choose to do so.)

Given I’ve paid for my Metal membership in a one off annual fee, and my renewal is at the end of January 2020, would it be therefore possible to:

  • cancel my Metal membership for a pro rata refund given that Curve have not obligated their agreement to me to offer £15 for the duration of the membership I’ve paid for?
  • If not the above, continue to offer me £15 per loungkey use until the end of January 2020 as agreed when I joined
    This is point I don’t believe has been addressed to Metal members who paid upfront for the whole year
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Yes, you can. If you contact the customer experience team, in-app, or via, they can do this for you.

Thanks Dann, I did some searching and it was difficult to establish what our rights are.
NB the previous thread has conveniently been closed, probably had something to do with the mention of ombudsman compensation…
NB 2, there’s specific terms on the loungekey / Curve terms page which does clearly suggest that Curve should have been given 30 days of the prior change in charged rate of service, why then does Curve wait another 30 days to inform their own customers? Presumably in order to get another 30 days of people signing up to Metal…

> Changes to the Program: LoungeKey may amend the Lounge or Merchant visit charges or Program at any time on providing 30 days’ notice in advance of such change. Where the Customer receives the Program through a payment card provider any changes in Lounge or Merchant visit charges or Program shall be notified to the payment card provider, who is responsible for advising the Customer. In the event that a Customer does not accept a change in the Lounge or Merchant visit charges or Program, the Customer shall have the right to terminate their Program membership on providing 30 days’ notice in writing directly to LoungeKey, or to the payment card provider who will be responsible for informing LoungeKey and liable for any costs the Customer incurs as a result of its failure to inform LoungeKey of such termination.


I closed the previous thread, we don’t need 2 threads of the same topic.

There were several of us who had an active conversation going there who clearly hadn’t finished their discussion, without migrating those points over here then other users may be in the dark. We also run the risk of duplicate questions now, although Im sure with your experience here im probably wrong…

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The thread was closed and redirected here, people who still want to talk will undoubtedly do so.

An official post from Curve stating what people’s rights are would be nice. Usually, when a company makes a material change to the terms and conditions of a service you are contracted to, you have the option of cancelling said service immediately with no penalty.


In this case, they haven’t changed the terms and conditions. The terms don’t include lounge access price - they only state that LoungeKey membership is complementary to metal subscribers, and that any balance on the visit fee not covered by the membership will be charged to your curve card. That hasn’t changed.

That’s not to say that they shouldn’t give people the option to cancel (they should), but they’re probably not obliged to.

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That’s a good point, though any material change that leaves the customer worse off could be construed as a change to the terms. It’ll be interesting to get Curve’s take on this.

As far as I understand after doing some research online, Metal customers will be now able to cancel their subscription without any penalty even after the cooling off period.
It’s clear that LoungeKey would have provided 30 days notice to Curve about their variation in rate pending. If Curve failed to notify their customers about this, Curve are effectively in breach of contract therefore this enables customers to leave without penalty regardless of how far through their year might be.
I’ve been advised I can claim a pro-rata refund of my annual Curve fee and those who leave who pay monthly can leave without any cost penalty due to Curve’s failure to provide notice.
Why Curve chose to not notify their Metal customers is very concerning - could either be it was wilful neglect in order to continue to sell the benefit (the fact that Curve’s terms page changed silently to £20 is good indication of this), or it could be that Curve’s management didn’t escalate this rate change to their communications team, subsequently leading to no customer email being sent out. Either scenario looks very bad on Curve’s behalf, and doesn’t fill me with confidence for the future if this is the way that their business is managed.

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Have used 4 lounges so far with LoungeKey - lounges that were around 28- 30 quid to book in advance, so pleased with the deal so far. Certainly got my moneys worth. Curve responded to my request for £5 refund within 5 minutes (and refunded)

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Looks like Curve is giving customers the opportunity to cancel but not without paying £50 (if less than 6 months into their subscription):

Curve (@imaginecurve) Tweeted:
@dhbolton The £50 charge is a part of our Terms and Conditions available which is on our site and the AXA policies are provided to you via email within an hour of your upgrade to Metal. If you have any suggestions for making this clearer, we’d love to hear them :grin:

No there is no benefit at all . I used this once and my guest was charged , £30 for a lounge in Istanbul that was no better than a standard public airport waiting area accept the coffee served in paper cups was free . This is most certainly not a benefit


I wonder if at Istanbul airport, Loungkey only offer the lowest grade lounge?

You can check the loungkey lounges at each airport using the app, I’ve noticed at some larger airports there are a few to choose from depending which terminal you’re in for example

Leeds bradford users - only the white rose lounge is available. I’ve used it three times this year and you’re lucky to get any hot food offering. They’re always carrying out food from the kitchen to take into the other lounges sadly!

The only saving for the now massive £20 charge would be if you necked 3/4 pints or glasses of wine. There’s no way you’d be able to spend even close to that on pastries, toast, cereal and yoghurt, which is all that’s on offer really.

If you had a long delay to sit out, yes it probably is worth the comfort and refreshments - however for the average wait time of around 1hour or less, £20 is simply no benefit at all. Most airports have a couple of decent bars or food outlets offering much higher quality food. Yes it’s always overpriced, but you could get a good coffee and full breakfast for around or less than £15 - so this is why the price increase is so incredibly disappointing… you’ll very seldom use it! = no real ‘benefit’ sadly from Curve…