Changes to Curve Rewards in EEA


We want to give you a heads up regarding a change which may impact how you use Curve.

Last year, we launched Curve Rewards in Europe to make spending with Curve more rewarding. But the experience has not lived up to the standards you expect and deserve from us. So we’ve decided to wind down the Curve Rewards programme in the EEA by March 9th 2023.

We will keep working on new and improved rewards programmes which we hope will have a bigger impact and better user experience.

From March 9th, many of you will notice that the Curve Rewards tab will no longer be available. Customers who have rewards pending will still receive their tracked cashback and will also still have access to the Curve Rewards tab. Once this is no longer applicable, access to the Curve Rewards tab will be restricted.

If you are on Curve Black or Curve Metal, you’ll still be able to enjoy our 1% Cashback at selected retailers.

Our goal is to launch an unbeatable rewards program in the future, and we’ll keep you updated on any upcoming plans.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any queries regarding these changes.


I do hope Curve are working on adding new features to the product offering.

It feels like all they’ve done recently is removed/restricted nice features.

Hopefully no more crypto stuff and I’m still remaining optimistic! Support certainly seems to have improved.


The message says EEA. So, that means rewards are still available in the UK? (UK not being part of the EEA)

Only reason I ask is that currently, there is not a single reward showing as available on my UK metal card other than the “always active” offers.

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All I get when I open the rewards tab now is a spinning circle then an error message “something’s gone wrong”. Located in UK but only standard card. As you say UK is not in EEA any more.

So what went wrong? Looking at the comments so far, people aren’t impressed with this news, and as Legacy and Investor card member, I’m disappointed to hear services are being wound down. If you shared with us the reasons for your decision, users may better understand and perhaps support the decision, and this in turn may avoid Curve getting bad press…

Just a thought!

I’m afraid that if you expect ANY reaction from an official Curve representative (other than a community moderator, who, by their own admission, have no influence on the company) then you are sadly mistaken.

There are many threads asking for information, clarification or feedback but, as yet, no response.

Like you I hope that things improve but Curve are no doing themselves any favours by total silence.

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