Changing card

Hello, I have a little question:

If I change my card to the inverstor one, will I maintain my card number? Or do I need to configure the new card number in all the services/ webpages that I use?

Thanks for the help

What are the benefits of the investor card vs. regular?

You get a new Card number.

Investor Card is metal, no sensitive information is printed on the card.

This should be the standard for all cards! :slight_smile:

What was the criteria to become an investor?

Invest money in Curve during their Crowdfunding campaign.

What was the minimum amount?

£10 - Curve Red Investor Card

£500 - Curve Swag -

£1000 - Curve Metal Investor Card -

£5000 - VIP Curve Metal Investor Card -

£25,000 - VIP Curve Metal Investor for Life -

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Any idea of the % of equity the amounts matched with?

nope, but it was one of the fastest crowdfunding campaigns i saw in my life. It only took a few minutes.