Changing cards vs refund

I have upgradet to black, received the card today.
Meanwhile, I have been on vacation and made some transactions with Curve, including the bail for a car rental [in a small company] which should be returned to me in full.
I have not received an info that the transaction has been cancelled yet in the curve app [and it might take a while as it was sunday/carribean].
The question is if I am able to receive the refund if I activate the new card?
AFAIK this will deactivate the blue card, which performed that problematic transaction. That is why I am afraid if I will
not be able to receivee a refund at all then, due to the cancellation of the card.
Of course I want to avoid additional problems and thius iys ny priority, as the amount ius quite significant for me.
Please tell me then if I need to wait until that transaction has been fully processed to receive a refund?
Or am I free to activate a new card and Curve will handle the result as needed?
And the last thing: what in case the money won’t return and I would like to make use of the Chargeback procedure?
Would I be able to do it after cancelling the card which made the payment (assuming that my claim is accepted)?
Or would I be forced to wait until the case finally ends?
And how would I receive a refund, then (assuming my claim will be accepted)?
Thank you for your response

Hi @sgogacz :wave: If you have requested a refund, we will receive it even if you have changed the card in the meantime, as the refund is sent to your account and it is not connected to your card number. Therefore, feel free to activate your new card.
Also, the same rule applies if you raise a Chargeback. If your claim is accepted then we will apply the funds directly to the transaction.
Let me know if you need more clarification :blush:


Thanks for sorting it out. That is all I wanted to know. In fact, I must cofirm that you are true.
I have activated my black card this morning, encouraged by your answer.
And the refund I was writing about shown up (at last! That was stressful…) around the noon.
Thanks once again.

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No worries, @sgogacz! I am glad to hear that you have already received your refund. Have a great week :+1: