Changing transaction name & MCC

I would like to suggest the following idea:

  1. The ability to change the transaction name and MCC
    The change in the merchant category code would make transactions possible, which some card issuers charge with fees (e.g. lottery). Some card issuers also block based on the merchant name or then charge fees so that the change could prevent these blocks.

In general, I would also be happy if you could see which MCC a transaction has.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

This is something VISA and MasterCard will never allow!

One reason:

Some people in this community have cards that give them only cashback on certain MCCs, let’s say the ‘Gas Station’ MCC. If it would be possible to change the MCC they could simply go to the supermarket buy some stuff and afterwards change the MCC to ‘Gas Station’ to get the cashback.

Gave it another thought and I am pretty certain that Visa and MasterCard would also think that changing the merchant name is not a good idea. (I am not 100% certain if this is what you mean, to be honest, you use both the terms merchant name and transaction name).


Your first idea can already be voted for here:

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I don’t know about manually changing MCCs and names, it might upset the relationship between Curve and the card issuers if people stopped paying cash advance fees and interest on cash advances, great as that would be for customers.

Furthermore in the UK at least the banks seem to like shrouding MCCs in secrecy. For the majority of customers, it’s technical jargon that means nothing. And for the type of customer that does understand them, the banks probably don’t really want them to!

However I do think there would be benefit in there being an option for Curve to pass through the merchant name without adding a prefix. I can see why it’s helpful for the majority but it can impact on rewards schemes on the underlying card.

I can understand that. However, this does not apply to the transaction title. If I could change that, it would be half the battle.

If you mean with transaction title, the merchant ‘name’ this is in my opinion also a no go.

One reason:

Some cards look at this to decide if your transaction is eligible for cashback. Examples MCO VISA and Vivid, the former gave 10% cashback at Aldi, the latter currently gives 10% at Aldi. I now can keep shopping at e.g. my local non-Aldi grocery store (no cashback) and change this purchase later as if I made it at Aldi by editing the merchant name (10% cashback).

That can be voted for here:

That can be voted for here:

Changing MCC is illegal in most countries. Just look at the U.S. where using a credit card for lottery / gambling is prohibited. One of the law suits against Wirecard is that they offered a non disclosed service for online gambling services to mask their service, so they changed their MCC to retail /… and instead of using the casinos name it showed something like “Susie’s flower store”, no joke!


If changing MCC code is illegal in most countries, why does Curve illegally keep changing it for certain transactions?
5941 -› 5999
5542 -› 8999
8099 -› 8999
5462 -› 5999
5441 -› 5999
More details:


Not sure why what Curve is doing is considered legal/allowed (by MasterCard). And just like you I do not like it.
What I notice is that with most MCCs you name, Curve is changing them from a ‘specific’ MCC to a more ‘generic’ MCC within the same ‘category’. Exception on this is 5542 -> 8999, which I think is completely ridiculous.

But what I do know for sure that allowing us consumers to change the MCC (or the Merchant name) will be a no go (for MasterCard).