Chargeback issue with curve

I have no more words towards the NON service offered by this card.
I’ve an open chargeback dispute since April 27th that hasn’t been completed yet and I have to wait months before to get a response from the dispute team.
This is absolutely insane.

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Hi Flavio, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Chargeback disputes can take a long time as believe it or not for a side to “win” it means the other side has to give up and stop responding.

You should of been given a response from customer services though even if it’s as simple as we are still working on your case and we haven’t forgotten about you.

Maybe try emailing them and giving them a nudge.

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I did it, but the customer service has a monthly rate response… shamly

There has been threads in the community that have made the point that customer services are not as quick as they used to be in getting back to people.

I use my Curve Card a great deal in France as one of my Cashback selections is a French supermarket (Intermarché). Their receipts invariably don’t print out the name in full, usually Intermar, and this means the Cashback is never automatically added. I save all the receipts for the month, scan them into a pdf and send them with a request to support to add it to Cashback. I have invariably received a response within two or three days and the Cashback is added without question. This happens every month and there has never been a problem.

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Chargeback no cashback.
I’m talking about the procedure when you have a dispute with the merchant.
Curve did not assist you, also if you are in right, and the do not give you the mony back.
Everything is fine until you are not falling in trouble with some merchant…
Good luck

Yes that was a unfortunate typo it has been amended.

Same exact issue here. This is basically insane… Why would any sane person opt to be waiting for months for a chargeback resolution when the issuing card’s bank would process it right away?

Recently Curve is not processing my PayPal refunds either. This is completely unacceptable and this is it for me. Not using my card again.