Chargeback/Refund experience


It’s been almost 3 days since few k euros were debited from my Curve card by a hotel I stayed in and paid in full 4 months ago. Just some minutes after notifications appeared I’ve contacted Curve with the notice that it’s a fraud. I’ve contacted police and filed a report.
Today the transactions went fully through, so they’re on my bill on the real CC.

After my numerous emails I still haven’t had a reply with confirmation from Curve that I’ll get my money back.

Was everyone’s experience the same?



please call the number on the back of your card curve card +44 20 3322 2585 or reply to the support ticket with “urgent”.

You should block your card to avoid more fraudulent charges.

Thanks. Some transactions got declined either by underlying CC or by Curve. I phoned Curve just minutes after the transactions to get the card blocked.

I’m surprised that it’s even possible. I only paid contacless and upfront. And have not left the card on file.

I have problem for a week now.
My refund is not going through Curve.
Retailer submitted refund 14th July, 17th July. I’ve asked support what is the problem with Curve to process it? Unfortunately, waiting for respond from support team 27th July.
I’m patient person, but sometimes it’s just too much.
Anyone advise?

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Call the number back of the card

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With all my respect @hup - my card was not stolen or I lost it.
Calls like this may bring up issues when a person in real need is blocked/holding on the line.
I will see how much time it will take, until the further level of escalation about my query. In case this is the normal process of handling cases, imagine the quantity of potentially lost customers. This is not something I would wish of being an investor (does not matter which company).

Then out of suggestion
Only back is to wait and see

Over a week now. Still waiting for the charge back. And I do think that I’ve provided enough evidence that I didn’t live in that hotel!

Please contact the merchant and request the Acquirer Reference Number from the merchant and then send the number to Curve.
Sometimes refunds can take up to 4 weeks until you have the money back (depends on the bank).

Did you reply with “urgent” to your support ticket?

@FlareCO already replied with ARN numbers for all transactions - still nothing.
Replied ticket with “urgent” matter, no response, only after I’ve called support line - there was a person to reply that they will look into it.

I’ve sent an “Urgent” email to complaints@. And got back the “we’re looking into this”. With a brick and mortar bank, I would already see the money back.

One of the few advantages of a traditional bank is that you can ask for the manager. They often get things done by increasing priority or making an exception to normal procedures which a normal clerk or supporter can’t do.

With Curve and most other online-only banks or fintechs, you don’t even get to the manager and usually there is no clear escalation process either. Or have I missed that from Curve?

Sure, you can send a couple of follow-ups, complain here and link staff or use keywords like “urgent” but you depend on a regular supporter to prioritise your request. Or contact the ombudsman but that’s too much for many smaller requests. Or even sue them but that is way too much in 99% of all cases.

After one month and a number of emails back and forth, I am still waiting for my refund for a double payment taken from my underlying bunq card by Curve and not by the merchant (Amazon).