Chargeback woes

Hi there.
What is people’s experience with chargeback claims.I had an issue with travelup and wrote to the curve team and they told me they have to give the merchant 45 days.Its way past that and I have politely nudged but have waited 2 weeks over with no idea of a timeline :frowning: Its a pandemic, there must be so many chargeback claims and I am sure the teams are trying their best…
My question is how long should I wait and shouldn’t customer service honour the initial 45 day limit for the retailer to respond information?I don’t mind waiting for the refund for another 6-8 weeks as long as I am told in principal that the money will be refunded.Its just the waiting thats killing.
Any experiences on here?

it’s normal to give the merchant some time to solve the issue.
Just write the Curve Support a message again with proof of evidence and a copy of your chat with the merchant.
A typical chargeback case takes ~2 month.

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Hey thank you.
The merchant never wrote / spoke to me but its been 8 weeks since Curve had said that they would wait for the merchant to respond back for 45 days :frowning:
Will wait to hear from them I guess x

Any luck yet ?

Curve got back.
Merchant had challenged the charge back so we have sent a second request…merchant was suggesting returning money with 50 pounds less than what was paid in milieu of ‘admin fee’.trouble is once u take a chargeback claim back, you can’t do it again.It takes another 6-8 weeks now so will contact curve start of Aug.

Good luck !