Charged by card issuer, but Curve said transactions failed

Hi, recently I had three transactions which were charged successfully into my credit card with corresponding approval codes from card issuer. However, Curve apps advised that the transactions had failed.

One transaction was at Amazon UK. Curve charged into my card A but declined my Amazon order.

The other transactions related to “go back in time”. I was charged by card issuer but Curve said the transactions failed.

Have emailed to contact Curve but still haven’t received a reply. I’m conscious that disputing the transactions with my card issuer will only incur losses to Curve and compromise my relation with curve.

I don’t want to do this to Curve and would like to work together to resolve the issues.

What else may I do?

Thank you everyone for your help.

Hello @Chh345de,

before Curve approves an incoming transaction or GBiT they will try to charge your selected card or atleast try to authorize the amount and charge it later.

If a payment fails due to a timeout or any other issue then you receive a refund within 7± working days or when the authorization timeout after 7-14 days.

You should wait for a reply from Curve to let them check the case.

Disputing Curve transactions with your issuing bank will probably terminate/ban your account and you risk legal actions against you.

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