Charged by my EU bank when using their EUR card on a UK Curve account (in a EUR currency country)

I’m a UK based user and for the first time since Brexit I’m traveling to Portugal.
As I always did before, I’m using a Portuguese card with my Curve card, but this time I see that I am being charged fees for using my Portuguese card on Portugal with Curve.

Is this the new normal? I don’t find much information about it. Only that I WON’T be charged when using curve wherever on eurozone with a Euro card on curve.


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Just to be certain. Your underlying EUR card is set to EUR in the Curve app, you did not leave it (accidentally) on GBP?

All is right.
I’ve used before Brexit, and wasn’t charged.


Are you sure the fees are actually FX fees? Could you post a screenshot of the fees? And to be certain of the underlying card currency setting as well?

Each transactions with a 2% fee and tax
My bank said it is because of Brexit.
Before all was normal, without charges.

The screenshot is taken from the app of the underlying card. If the Curve app is not showing any fees, you are actually only charged a fee by the bank of your underlying card and not by Curve.

Since you have a UK Curve account your transactions show as being made online in London GB/UK. Because of Brexit your Portuguese bank is allowed to charge you for that type of transactions now.
If you would have had a EU Curve account your transactions would show as being made online in Lithuania (so in EU) and your Portuguese bank would not be allowed to charge you any fees.

To prevent this charge by your Portuguese bank I would advise you to use your Portuguese card directly while in Portugal.


I understand that is my Portuguese bank that is charging me.
The thing is that it didn’t happen before Brexit, and that I don’t find information regarding this post-brexit changes, and curve still advertises as a charge-free.

And also makes the curve useless for a UK user outside UK, because if my bank charges, all other EU banks will also. No?

Before Brexit your Portuguese bank was not allowed to charge you for this. So your Portuguese bank made this change, if any information should be published it should be published by your Portuguese bank

Curve still advertises this, because they don’t charge you in this situation, your Portuguese bank does. Curve can not be held responsible for the behaviour/charges of your bank. When using an underlying EUR card to pay in EUR, Curve does not charge you, so their advertising statement is (still) correct.

No, because most UK users will not have an underlying EUR card. They will use a UK underlying card in Curve (and let Curve do the FX conversion) and their UK bank will not be allowed to charge a fee (because the transaction is made online in UK/GB).

Not necessarily. They are allowed to charge, but they are not obligated to do so. It’s their decision.

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However, as Curve is expanding, it makes it useless for all other users outside of the UK when using Curve for payments.
Instead of using Curve in Germany with my German credit card underlying, I will rather take my German credit card directly.
So the Business case dies.


The business case only dies when one uses an underlying EU Card on a UK Curve account.
Or an underlying UK card on a EU Curve account.

In the cases that will happen more often; an underlying EU card on a EU Curve account and an underlying UK card on a UK Curve account, the bank of the underlying card is not allowed to charge such fees. And in those cases the Curve business case is very much alive!

So now if you are European and live in the UK (I believe many people are in this situation) you should check by yourself if your bank for each card is charging any tax for using curve in EU and in this case it’s better not using it. I would say just don’t bother, use your home bank card directly instead and forget curve when you travel.
Thank you @yAZas for pointing this out!

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Actually the bank is not charging for using your Curve card in the EU. The bank is charging because you are using an EU underlying card (online) in the UK (or in general; outside the EU).
For the bank the underlying card on a UK Curve account/card is always used (online) in London UK/GB, this is regardless of where the Curve card is actually physically used.
So if your underlying EU card bank charges you for use in the UK, you will also be charged for using your Curve card (on a UK Curve account), with the EU underlying card selected, in EU, UK, US, Australia, Japan or wherever. This is because for your underlying card your Curve card (if connected to a UK Curve account!) is always used online in London UK/GB.

So if you want to check anything with your EU bank, you should check if they charge you for using their card (so not your Curve card) outside the EU. If they do, you will always be charged when using their card as underlying card on your UK Curve account, regardless of the location you are using your Curve card.

If the above is applicable depends on which address Curve has on file for you. If it’s your EU address the above does not apply to you (but in that case your UK bank might actually charge you). If it’s your UK address the above does apply to you.

Im have also seen some FX fees lately , that was not there before
I live in EU
See picture

FX (sur)charges are unrelated to this ‘brexit’ issue. The FX weekend surcharge has always been there.

Spending abroad during the weekend?

If you make a withdrawal or purchase over the weekend and Curve performs a currency conversion, we’ll use the rate from Friday and apply a surcharge as the Forex markets are closed. The weekend counts as Friday 23:59 GMT – Sunday 23:59 GMT (or Saturday 00:59 BST - Monday 00:59 BST)

For transactions where both the transaction and the underlying payment cards are in GBP, USD or EUR, the foreign exchange fee will be 0.5%. For all other currencies, the foreign exchange fee will be 1.5% on an FX spend of up to £/€ 500 per 30 rolling days

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Thank you for the information @poeliev .
I have no intention to use EU currency in the UK.
My intention was to use my Curve in other countries when I travel as it was possible before, if that makes sense.
I understand that those changes came with brexit and the banks can now tax me for using in the UK (even if I am not in the UK presencially.) It doesn’t change the fact that it is not convenient for me anymore though.

Thank you anyway.

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