Charged fee for cash withdrawal in UK with debit card?

I rarely use Curve to withdraw cash at a cash machine, maybe once a month or so.

Today I used 2 separate cash machines and both wanted to charge £3.99 as a fee to withdraw £20.

The underlying card is an RBS Debit card and I also have smart rules pushing ATM withdrawals to that card anyway.

I cancelled the transaction when it asked if I wanted to proceed and immediately used the actual RBS Debit card to then withdraw £20 and no fee was applied.

These are not the machines that charge everyone a fee, one at a BP garage and the other in a Post Office and I was able to withdraw without a fee at both with my actual debit card.

Is this a Curve issue? Has anyone else experienced this withdrawing cash recently?

ATM Limits are fine - £0 of daily limit and £20 of 30 day window, £120 of 365 day window

I’ve taken cash out regularly using debit/credit underlying cards from Barclays and Santander without issues.

Did the machine indicate what the fee was for specifically? Is Your Curve card a business card?

We don’t have access to your account here at these forums so it’s all a bit of guess work here. Best to contact customer support and they might be able to advise you why a fee was going to be applied.

It’s a black card, regular as in not legacy or business or anything

I don’t recall the exact language but I’ll try another few different machines and record exactly what it says and log with support.

The ATM does not ‘see’ what your underlying card is, nor any smart rules that are applied. So I can safely say that using the same ATM with a different underlying card selected, it will still want to charge you the fee. It is the ATM that wants to charge you, not Curve nor the bank of the underlying card.

The ATM does not ‘know’ your Curve ATM limits. This is the ATM wanting to charge you, not Curve. Charges by Curve for crossing your ATM limits would be charged afterwards by Curve (in the app).

This would also be my guess; the ATM wanting to charge you because you are using a business/commercial card. There have been quite some users in this community in the past that assumed they had a ‘normal’ Curve card, but on closer inspection (of their Curve card, written in a small text on the card itself) found out they had a commercial/business one.

Also possible that the ATM is incorrectly recognising the card as a commercial/business one or a ‘foreign’ card (in that case the ATM is proposing to do the currency exchange for you for a very high fee), because the ATM is using an outdated BIN database.

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OK thanks, interesting.

I can’t see anything on the card anywhere referring to it being commercial/business, but a possibility from what you both say or that the ATM is recognising it incorrectly for some reason.

All I can add is that I have successfully withdrawn cash from 1 of these machines with the same black curve card maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 4 months, so it is new behaviour for it to now want to apply a charge. I’ll test a couple of different ATM’s tomorrow to be sure it is not just certain ATM’s before logging with support… Strange

The exact thing happened to my partner’s card yesterday. She has a red Investor card, and it was a card machine at a Coop saying ‘free cash withdrawals’. She was in need of cash so she had to pay the fee, and she’s not happy about it. If Investor cards are treated as business, this might be her final straw with it. @Curve_Joel can maybe shed some light?