Charged for curve metal card I didn’t order

Has anyone been charged for a curve metal card that they haven’t ordered? I have been trying to get resolution on 3 months of charges for a card I neither ordered or received.
3 months ago I chose 5 store discounts, that I thought were for my curve blue card via the app. I have been charged a monthly fee since then of £14.99. I emailed customer services.
I have asked six times for proof that a metal card was ordered and dispatched but my requests have been ignored. I have escalated to complaints and the reply was because I selected those discounts I have been enjoying curve metal benefits on my blue ordinary card and so they are not going to reimburse those charges! I have to say I’ve found the whole experience rather dystopian. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I’m presenting at a digital marketing congress next month so this will feature in the how to destroy the customer experience.

Hello @BankofPapa,

The first selection of your 3/6 cashbach retailers should show up when you signup or in the moment when you subscribe to curve black/metal.

Can you show us a screenshot of your account page? Looks like this:

Create a ticket from Curve’s new Support Desk.
or try to reply with “URGENT” to your current ticket.


Here is The screen shot of the account page, I have a curve blue card which I have had for about 2 years, having downgraded from metal when the pandemic started. It was my intention to switch back to metal when I resume international business travel.

All purchases have been made with the blue card that I have always had.




Thank you for the screenshot.
I just wanted to see if you have the Insurance Tab or not.

Please drop the Curve Team a Ticket via the “new” Customer Support Tool here:

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I’d prefer not to do that as I have already sent about 8 emails to CX and escalated to complaints.
This was most recent correspondence

From their perspective as i had accepted rewards on the iOS app, I was enrolled in the metal program, my perspective is that I had not ordered, received or activated a new metal card i should not have been charged or been given the chance to select rewards which I thought were for my existing blue card.

It’s been going around in circles for last 2 weeks and I’m now at the point where I will cancel all cards and leave. Which is a shame as I’ve just started business travel again and really loved using curve abroad. I’m writing this email from Berlin.

If I can just get the charges for last 3 months back, I would consider this matter resolved and would not have to escalate it to the financial ombudsman which is what they have told me is next step.

As a shareholder I don’t really want to do this…. As it is like shooting myself in the foot.


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