Charged Twice by Curve

Oh Dear, I can’t afford to pay for things that Curve have managed to charge me twice for. Today I shopped at Tesco, £26.75 and at Amazon £17.60, all fine, listed as such in my Curve app. So I check my Lloyds credit card account, and I’ve pending bills for the £17.60 at Amazon, and £44.35 at Tesco. Curve have managed to add the two together when billing through to Lloyds, so I’m paying twice for the Amazon book? How is that even possible, are staff asleep on the job. I don’t have twitter, have messaged them, which it seems is a waste of time, and struggling on a state pension, I can’t afford this. Let alone need the stress on top of all the current restrictions. I won’t dare use the card more than once a day now. Steve

Have you contacted them by email?

Yes thanks, Still trying to get somewhere with it. Thanks for the reply.

Not getting anywhere though. They tried to suggest it was the bank, that had just lumped the two transactions into one, even though I’d pointed that out, yes it’s true, but they’ve also still charged for the Amazon one. Attaching a screenshot. My Tesco bill was for £26.76 as my Curve app clearly shows. The math is simple.

Wait for the transactions to post. Most likely they will post with the correct amounts.

Other users including myself have noticed this behaviour and reported it here on the forum. Seems to be a glitch but so far the transactions actually posting are all correct.

Many thanks nvk, you are correct as of this morning posted as completed correctly. What a strange glitch. They tell people to watch their banking be vigilant etc, and as I’m retired I have the time to do exactly that, and use a bank and curve that provide instant notifications on their apps of purchases. It seems in this case I was too quick to notice this oddity, obviously over careful. In the same vein, I shall be removing if possible the screenshot or previous post, even though it only provides the customary last four digits of my credit card. Thanks once again for the advice.

Many thanks it has posted as correct this morning, all is will with the world. I wish I had known about this glitch though, it would have save me a lot of time and worry. Clearly I am too quick at keeping on top of my accounts, but we are advised to be vigilant. I love Curve’s usefulness, and the brilliant metal card. Many Thanks. Steve.

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I think this might be a Tesco issue

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