Charged twice for London train journey

Did a train journey in London using curve card on google pay and I was charged twice for it, never happened to me before making same journey with same card.

Just got off the phone with TFL and they said they have only charged once so I can only think it’s something to do with curve even though the payments are at different times (TFL always delays payments until next day usually)

one of the entries is still ‘pending’ in the app - will this pending transaction get turned around somehow? It has been 4 days now since I did the journey. cheers.

ps. I will contact curve support but must wait until Monday

edit: I just looked at google pay activity and only appears once there.

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How many times has the underlying card been charged with a final (not pending) tranasction? If it’s only once, then there’s no issue.

hi, the underlying card is a card and it was charged twice. I received cashback for both transactions already which will have to be undone if things are fixed. here are a some photos showing the duplicate in curve and but not in google pay.

I’m guessing that unhelpfully doesn’t distinguish between a pending charge and a finalised charge.

I have transactions nearly a month ago from TFL that are ‘pending’, now I think that curve isn’t the best at handling TFL transactions, it is more complicated than normal purchases as everything gets delayed and TFL is trying to work out if you hit weekly/monthly caps I think. found this post and there seems to be some others with this kind of duplicate issue and there is frustration out there:

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@freelunch known issue with TfL transactions, apparently fixed (over a year ago), but :man_shrugging: Double charges? - #2 by kt1974

thanks a lot, that issue could be it, the 2 things I wonder about though are, 1. if I was double charged why is it not at the same time and description duplicated rather than a different time and description. 2. that bug talks about Fridays and weekends, mine was on a Tuesday. But yeah it does point to something to do with Curve, cheers.

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No idea if it’s the same problem, but I’m just telling you my experience. It mostly happens Friday/weekend (it was almost once a week for me at some points during last year), but has happened to me on Tue/Wed before

I think it might be because TfL tries to make the transaction multiple times if it’s not instantaneously approved, and there’s often a 2-3 hour gap before the second attempt. For whatever reason, Curve doesn’t respond immediately, so TfL tries again, but Curve processes both transactions albeit with delay. On your TfL account, it looks like one transaction, so the TfL customer service people have no idea what you’re talking about

But I can tell you that it has happened to me (*checks spreadsheet) 20 times in the past year, so it’s clearly a Curve problem…

It looks like first transaction failed and Curve charged it again later. The pending one will fall. I had this before with a different merchant but that’s the explanation I got from Curve. It initially showed two pending transactions one at time of purchase and the other at 4am (shop closed which raised my heart rate to be charged over £200) but only one cleared and the other fell off.
I guess just wait it out

Hi just an update on this if anyone is interested. The duplicate payment eventually got removed from the underlying card but stayed on curve so all good there.

However, I did another journey and the same thing has happened again ,charged twice to underlying card. This is going to be super annoying being charged twice for every journey then reimbursed a week later or so. what a mess.

Yes - the same thing happened to me; all to do with TfL journeys taken Fri - Sun. I complained to Curve who responded that it had all been sorted out. Clearly not. I now no longer use Curve for such journeys; hardly one card in your wallet…