Charged twice on same card

On 26 November, I bought three items on webshop for a total of 333,90€.

  • Smartphone for 309€
  • a screen protector for 12,95€
  • a screen cover for 11.95€.
  1. I was charged the total amount of 333,6€ on Friday 26 Nov. on my visa card.
    Transaction name = CRV*Bol.Com.

  2. However, I was charged separately again for 11,95€ on the same day (screen cover).
    Transaction name is also CRV*Bol.Com.

  3. And then 1 week later, on 04/12/2021, I noticed that I was again charged for another 321,95€ (smartphone + screen protector.)

So I have been charged twice for all items. What is interesting is that the screen cover which was charged separately is also the package which I think came from a sub supplier of If I check my payment overview in my Curve app, I only notice the transaction of 333,90€. While in my card, I get charged twice. Once for 333.90€ and then separately for 321.95 + 11.95€.

What I’ve done:

  • Contact - They mentioned that there is no mistake from their side and they have been charged twice by Curve. response within half an hour

  • Contact the webshop - They checked their admin and only saw they charged Curve once. Response within 5 minutes

  • Contact Curve via email ( - detailing above story + screen shots. No response

  • Contact Curve via app chat - contacted three times in total - one time they gave a standard response that using back in time feature (which I did use) can cause double charge on both cards which should solve itself. If they would have taken the time to read my story, they would have seen that I am being charged twice on the same card. Chat was closed without confirmation that my issue was solved.

  • I opened a new chat highlighting that the issue was different from the generic response. No response after 4 days.

I was excited when starting to use Curve once I got my card. But in the first month my card was being blocked due to the spending limits which resulted not being able to enjoy the 1% cashback in the first month (even though already provided my ID). And now I am struggling for 2 weeks already to get a decent reply to get back my 300€. If this is the level of customer service we will be getting, don’t think I will keep on using it. That being said

  • Is there another way to get Curve to look properly into my issue?
  • Anybody has an idea what the issue can be ? Money being reserved by Curve? What’s the standard lead time to “unlock”/pay back this reserver money?
  • I am thinking of claiming a fraudulent transaction on my underlying card if it will take much longer. This to recover my 300€. Will this mean that my entire Curve card will be blocked by ? Or will this mean that my card will be blocked?

Could you elaborate on this? When and how? I know from personal experience that using GBiT on the CryptoCom card can lead to double charges (on the same CryptoCom card) and that it can take quite a while to ‘disappear’ (because of the ‘strange’ way CryptoCom handles this).

Give them a nudge on Twitter (@AskCurve).

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Thanks for the feedback.

I have been going through my Crypto com card transactions and contacted the helpdesk again to try and puzzle together the issue. They noticed that there is one transaction still pending on the merchant (Curve) to collect or reject the payment.

So what might have happened:

  • Pre-authorize 333,90€ (from GBIT?)
  • Charge 11,95 (1 item I bought) and 321.95€ (2 combined items I bought) = total of 333,90€. support also mentioned that if the transaction is not claimed, it will be automatically refunded by the end of the month.


That was what I also was going to tell you. That one of the transaction probably is a preauth and with CryptoCom it can take up to 30 days (I was told on CryptoCom chat) to get those refunded if they are not claimed.
This also happened to me before (waiting for a preauth to return because not claimed), but luckily for me it was for an amount less than €1.

If the preauth is from GBiT (still not clear to me how or when you did this) let’s assume on the 4th of December Curve would have rejected it already and I think it would already have been back in your account.

If the preauth is from it may indeed take 30 days to be refunded. As far as I know does a preauth at the time you order and a final charge after the delivery (for the items directly ‘sold’ by them). If those two can’t be matched the preauth remains untill it is removed because it is not claimed. In that case the following has happened:

1 Preauth for the total amount
2 Final charge for item ‘sold’ by the sub supplier
3 Final charge for goods directly ‘sold’ by


Gold rule: when you use GBiT you have to wait AT LEAST A WEEK to see all the pending transaction to go final and/or expire. Ever.