Charged twice

Hi I made a transaction in Tesco on Saturday and all went through on my chosen card, today I have noticed that exactly the same transaction has been taken again from another card what’s the best way to get the second transaction stopped.
Thanks in advance

This happens sometimes. It is usually just one real charge and a reserve that will not be confirmed, but sure sometimes it is finally confirmed and hence you pay twice.

Drop a mail to and they will check for you, here in the Community there is nothing else we can support you with.


Hi thanks for your reply, what I find hard to understand is that both payments have cleared from my banks Tesco say that there is only the original payment showing I have been fobbed off twice by Curve with two different answers someone has my money but neither party want to help, we can’t all afford to wait 14 days before we are refunded

Hey @dco78, sounds like this is an offline transaction. Merchants have up to 7 days to capture funds for an original transaction, however sometimes they send an offline transaction to capture the funds instead and reverse the first one. However, it can take up to 14 days to reverse, as you’ve mentioned.

The reason it’s cleared on your statement is because when you use your Curve card the funds are captured immediately and held for the merchant to then capture.

Our support team should be able to speed up the process and reverse the transaction that the merchant hasn’t captured. If it’s urgent you can send a DM through Twitter or Facebook!