Chase Visa not working with Curve Blue in USA

Hell in USA using a USA chase Visa card on my blue curve. Every transaction declined. First transaction was forn$2007.90, so changed to 1003.95 to be within $2k limits as a new user.

Still declined. No messaged from bank so transaction declined by Curve or POS. Purchasing a Simon Mall Gift Card which is not an issue with the underlying credit card.

Pin code was verified/ok on terminal.

Wife had similar issue at Target with her blue curve card.

Any thoughts on why blue Curve does not work with USA credit cards here in USA?

As a new Curve customer you’ll be subject to extra checks until you build up a spend history with us. This means you may not be able to benefit from our standard limits straight away.

Once you build up a spend history with us and we get to know you a bit more, you’ll automatically be moved to our standard limits:

So for your first couple of transactions, keep it safe and small, e.g. groceries etc.

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