Chat option or call centre please

I got connected to someone at curve within about 3 minutes and they replied to my messages within a minute during the back and forth, pretty much like a normal live chat.

Ok, if live chat support is truly there now, they must have introduced that recently. I remember a couple of months ago one of the Curve staff members telling to a user they did not have live chat (see below).
If it’s there now, I don’t understand why it wasn’t announced in this community, it’s pretty big news!

i’m sure it wasn’t curve

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100% it was… my issue was directly to do with my curve card which they helped resolve. They even sent me screenshots of my curve card transactions in the chat which I saved to my phone.

I’ve attached notifications I got when I closed out the app prior to end of the chat too…


wow, this is something very new

I’ve heard it mentioned by another user too, perhaps a soft launch?

It’s pretty recently added function, see “Account” tab in your Curve app :hugs::


I have this as well and had a chat when the bot couldn’t answer my question.

i don’t have this, probably not all users have this option

Hello! I do not have the chat option! Why?.. How can I contact Curve? Thanks or Twitter (@AskCurve)

I believe the chat option is still very much in early testing so only available to some users.

Didn’t come to my mind it might not be available for everyone, sorry. :flushed: My Curve app version is 2.49.3 and I’m on Samsung device with Android 11. :iphone:

I’ve tried the chat feature and it’s pretty cool! Have been waiting eagerly to have something like that.

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