Cheapest way to withdraw EUR from Curve Cash after refund


I just received a refund to my Curve Cash account because Curve wasn’t able to match a refund (not sure why, maybe because I used back in time?!)
As I learned after some research, Curve Cash always exchanges refunds to GBP, even though the initial purchase was made in EUR.
The amount is also over the monthly free 500 GBP limit.

What is the cheapest way to withdraw from Curve cash and exchange it back to EUR. I read a lot about Revolut but it seems like they changed a lot since 2020. I use DKB, Paypal, Visa and my EUR bank account.

Thank you for your help

How about you contact Curve support and see if they can transfer that amount to your original card? (If possible)

I use and I still can use Revolut to withdraw from my Curve Cash and exchange it back to EUR.
It’s one of the most cheapest way that I know.
I don’t know what changes they made since 2020 but yes, I still can use it to withdraw and exchange it back.


Yes, works well :cowboy_hat_face: - top up your Revolut account from Curve Card with Curve Cash selected as underlying card :moneybag:, preferably in GBP to withdraw exact amount and then exchange :currency_exchange: to your desired currency :euro: in Revolut (this way you can also circumvent Curve’s 500 GBP exchange limit for Blue users :sunglasses:).

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Thank you DaniDa and Petr_Andel, I will look into Revolut :).

Sadly Curve blocks Visa card, this would have been an option too.

I assume you’re referring to the card’s feature to “top up” from another card, which is blocked by Curve. This works with a Revolut card by the way, if you get your money there.
The other way around however, i.e. using the card as an underlying card in Curve works fine. I have been using my card through Curve for almost a year now without any problems.

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I think it only works from Revolut if you already had it setup previously? It wouldn’t let me add it when I tried for the first time a few weeks ago.

I set up my Revolut card in a long time ago, so it it may have been blocked now.
The cards you have set up can also be used to buy crypto currencies, and this is probably what Revolut is blocking. I think the card top-ups and crypto purchases use different MCCs, so I can only use Revolut for top-ups. Presumably the small test charge when a card is set up, is done like a crypto purchase and is therefore blocked.
You can get around the Revolut restriction by transferring euro by SEPA to your “fiat wallet” instead, and then top up (or buy crypto) from there.

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Yep this was for card topup, suspect they may have changed things. Visa Card top-ups work to me with Revolut as well. :cowboy_hat_face: Try setting it up again @ediflyer - my brother had similar problem as yours but managed to set up Revolut card in app somehow recently… :partying_face:

Strange think just happened. Curve manually “refundet” the amount to my crypto visa card. But it wasn’t a refund, I got charged the amount…

Anything like that happened to someone?

Thanks, tried again with Virtual rather than Physical VISA and that seemed to work :+1:

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Nevermind it just switched to POS Signature return - seems like a error

No, it’s not an error. :deaf_man: It’s the way how handles refunds - always 3 transactions :exploding_head:: pending return, charge again and then final return usually the next day. :calendar:

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Yes, that might be the trick :bulb: - it doesn’t work with physical :credit_card: Revolut cards but only with virtual ones. Sounds weird, but looks so… :thinking:

That’s somewhat strange, but good to know.Thank you

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Revolut re-issued my VISA virtual card without asking for this to Mastercard virtual card which does not work with

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