Choose card when confirming payment

When making an online payment, you need to approve the payment via the app. Sometimes you forget to activate the right card. Which results in aborting the payment or using GBIT afterwards

Proposal would be to have these features during the approval process:

  1. show which underlying card will be used
  2. have the possibility to change the underlying card in the approval screen.

I’m not agree.

Thouasands of people have to confirm their payment card on every payment because a few did not rememeber was selected.
Just GBiT and next time will remember to check active card before payment insted of tousents

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I’m not asking for an extra step. I am asking to show the current active card + having additional button to change IF you want.

If it’s the correct card: you just hit the accept button (like it is currently). If it’s not the correct card, click the smaller button “change underlying card”.


Something like this would be nice:


I think a better solution would be to show the card carousel above the confirmation button. And the code is already in the app.

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The selected card is already above (I just cut it out), but now you need to reject first if you want to change the underlying card for the verified transaction.

Sometimes you forget to activate the right card.

Semi-related, I find the Smart Rules mostly solved my problem of forgeting.

In a pinch, if you really, really don’t want to reject a transaction or do GBiT, you can set up ad-hoc smart-rule.