Christmas gift?

Another day, another push notification I can’t read.

I raised the issue of notifications when I first joined Curve back in February 2018. Until Curve prioritise building the kind of functionality set out here…

…then I can’t read anything more than the few words shown above. Tapping the system-level notification doesn’t do anything.

So… Does anyone have any idea what Christmas gift is being offered? What do I need to update in order to get it?

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Oh. I had seen the cashback thing. I didn’t consider it a gift so I thought it was something new.

You gotta click on the little arrow " ⌄ " to expand the notification.


This notification just gives even more importance to the suggestion in Inbox in the app/the ability to access previous notifications - if you’ve mistakenly swiped away the notification or not expanded it then it’s gone for good as you never know what it said!

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