Christmas Spending and Budgeting

I’m personally a big fan of Christmas and traditions (incl. food :drooling_face: ). The stress level tends to rise as we get closer and the last shopping sprint is about to start. @curve.charliepm has written a few tips for Christmas Budgeting.

What’s your holiday budget strategy? Are you an all-year shopper who’s already done preparing, or are you perhaps just about to write up your shopping list?

As pensioners we have to manage our budget quite tightly, so for Christmas we put an estimated Christmas spend for November and December then save towards it every month. The only issue is sticking to the budget!!! ;-(

As the kids have got older we no longer buy for each other, we have a secret santa organised and only buy one present too open. (Works for me Bah Humbug!!!) This saves you buying ■■■ for tat presents and stuff that no one really needs.

How hilarious the system blanked out t i t!!! What if I was a bird watcher?

I can imagine. The Secret Santa is a really great idea!

I’m confident you can find a suitable synonym for the blurred out word if you feel the sentence doesn’t present you message :slight_smile:

Its just a saying Marie. I am sure it can stay like it is…:roll_eyes: