Clear overview on fees

I use “curve” each day…I LOVE it! However, can somebody tell me WHY there is no clear overview on fees? Like…why can’t I see it in the app?

(top-left icon)
Curve Card Limits
(in the middle) See details
(at the bottom) Information on fees

I know that. But I want that “curve” will include the information about the fees on every payment.
So if I want to know exactly how fees I paid, I can simply check it.

Example: I’ve been travelling recently. I know that there is a 500 GBP FX limit. I asked “curve” support if there is a easy way to know when I cross the limit and will be paying fees. They told me that I have to go in tha app and sum up all my FX transactions to find an answer. Its complicated. If I could make a payment and a payment information would state that I have paid the “X” amount of money fore fees, it would ve perfect.

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Here is an example from “revolut”. Exact information on paid fees is clearly included in each payment.

And ind GBP

Not much help