Clearer Sign-up Experience

Signing up using the mobile app needs to be improved. Once you have selected Blue or Black Curve it is unclear which one you are signing up for. This is doubly important on a touch screen where you may think you’ve pressed one option when it’s actually the other. At no point was it clear I was being charged £50 for a Black card, when i thought I had pressed the Blue card and was signing up for that. This has lead to a fair bit of pain on my part, which you will see from the support tickets. Happy to discuss this further.


I had the same problem but in the other way around: I wanted the black card but I found myself having the blue one instead.
This it has been actually a problem since it took 8 days for customer service to read, answer and process a new black card for me (And I am currently still waiting for the card 12 days after this to receive the black card…)

Yes, I had an awkward sign up experience too. I’ve ended up with a “Commercial” debit card when I don’t really make many business purchases. I wasn’t really too bothered, but having read elsewhere on this forum that it makes a big difference to the charges that Curve can make I realise now that they are probably just issuing Commercial cards whenever they can as they make more money from them.

I’m not entirely happy with that and feel that if they want me to use a commercial card for business then they should provide a second card for when I make personal purchases.

Very confusing and it took a week for them to reply to my initial enquiry about this.

The commercial card is really not great, as you can be charged fees on the commercial card e.g. by HMRC. I would request a personal card

The signup process will definitely be reworked to become clearer and more informative.

@dave.b this thread might be interesting for you: Curve commercial vs curve personal. What's the difference nowadays

Yes, I had previously read that. I’ve requested that support send me a personal card and they’ve confirmed. I think that will be more suitable for my needs. Thanks :slight_smile: