Close my Curve account and apply for a Samsung Pay numberless card?

I have spoken about numberless cards before on this forum.

Since Mastercard have given the go ahead for numberless card. I’ll be going to the first provider who is first to the line in providing these.

I travel a lot, I am careful, I use an iPhone, but still, my card details have been compromised multiple times when travelling, not just my Curve card either.

And after my last experience earlier this year, I plan to get a numberless card.

Curve has responded by email stating it’s too late to get an Investor numberless card now. And there is no time frame for them to bring out numberless cards.

I have heard Samsun Pay are bringing out a numberless card though so long as I don’t have a Curve account.

So I plan to close down my Curve account and re-open a Samsung Pay account to get their numberless card.

Has anybody got a Samsung Pay numberless card, how is the app, is it the same as Curve’s? Just with Samsung’s branding or something?

Don’t miss understand me, I really like Curve, it has served me well. I am just tired of my digits being compromised when travelling (especially to very different cultures where they have completely different norms regarding payment at terminals), so I really want a numberless card at this stage.

As far as I know currently all normal (non investor) cards, that are (re)issued by Curve, are numberless.

Or isn’t this the case (yet):

It’s definitely not the case yet. My Metal card received a week ago is still numbered.

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Thx for confirming. I incorrectly remembered a post about numberless ‘normal’ Curve cards, but that actually was a post telling the Samsung cards are numberless.

If you really want a numberless card, open an account with Vivid Money. They’ll send you a free metal numberless Visa debit card.

Is Vivid already available in the UK? I know it is for now available in the Netherlands (I know because I have a Vivid card, but the Netherlands is not even mentioned on their own support pages yet), Portugal (also not mentioned on their own support pages) and Germany.

I figured it’s available in all EEA countries. Whether that still includes the UK, I’m not sure :man_shrugging:

Since UK is not mentioned on their own support page

but more important the app is not available in the UK Playstore, it doesn’t look like it.

That’s very strange, that link gives a not found for me.

And Vivid Money seems to be available in the Spain Play Store. Hmm.

That support page seems to be outdated, I had no issues opening an account using a Dutch address and ID.

But yeah, looks like UK residents are not eligible.

Based on what they said above when they commented on my post the other day.

Curve replied to my email and explained numberless cards were for Investor cards and I cannot invest any longer

And also there is no time frame for numberless cards to be on normal Curve cards.

Thanks man. It says the Vivid app is not available in the UK app store though.

Oh so close :joy:

I’d just tip ex it and make my own numberless card :joy: but I think this will arouse suspicion when travelling haha

It’s crazy how all these fintech banks in the UK and none can see the benefits they will bring to security especially when travelling.

Yeah I think Samsung Pay numberless is the way forward.

Just curious, why do people prefer metal cards? More durable? Cool? What’s your reason?

The Vivid Money Metal Visa Debit card is not numberless

Only the 4 last digits are on it (and your name). The full number is not even shown in their app (and support is not willing/allowed to give it to you).

My finger is covering my last name :slightly_smiling_face:.

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How do you use the card online?


The purple card has details for online use that are shown in the app (last four digits are different than the ones on the physical card). These details can also be renewed.
And one can generate (more) virtual (grey) cards in the app.
The different cards can be linked to different pockets (which all have different IBANs).

so how do you know your digits to use it online if it’s not stored in the app?

Check my post above yours. :slightly_smiling_face:

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