Close my Curve account and apply for a Samsung Pay numberless card?

That’s awesome man.

I hope Revolut will do something like this or this bank comes to the UK

Revolut already do this for online - it’s called disposable cards, iirc you get one free!

Revolut is from UK

Vivid Money does not have its own banking license like Revolut.

Numberless cards are not without their hassle. I have an investor card. For the most part I use contactless, Apple Pay or have my details stored in iOS so never really an issue but when I do need to give card details, online (a surprising number of websites just don’t trigger iOS to request card details) or over the phone, having to open the appt>facial recognition>select menu>show card details>facial recognition>read out/type out number [card details time out and disappear so have to click open again], can be a real pain.

It’s therefore 6 of one an half a dozen of the other when it comes to pros/cons.

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True, but the way I see it I would rather have some mild inconvenience for massively improved security than have to worry about the lack of security.

Yeah. Can be easier to just grab the card out your pocket.

I sometimes store certain cards in an encrypted locked apple note.

For me it’s main use case would be in asia where there is often no contactless or even chip and pin.

One country’s process is they type all your 16 digits into their computer as a backup safety measure and once they are behind the counter swiping my card in the machine it’s difficult to stop them walking over to the computer doing this. They never ask either as it’s so ingrained in their culture they don’t realise for westerners this would often be frowned upon.

I’m just gonna wait a year. I have multiple Revolut backup cards anyway so if anything does happen I have options.

Numberless though would be priceless for me when travelling outside of EU especially

Whoever brings this out first is getting my money.

Thanks for the comment

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