Closed Card Refund?

Hi there, I had a refund issued to a curve card that is now closed… Im anxious that it wont return correctly now its closed. Is there anything I can do? Can they recover the funds and send it to the underlying card?

Hey @OWild, welcome to the Community and I’m sorry to hear that you’re no longer spending with Curve.

Your refund should automatically be processed to the bank card originally used to make the transaction but if you haven’t received this within 5 working days then I’d recommend contacting the support team by emailing them at They’ll be able to resolve this for you there.

So it should arrive, dispite the orignal curve card being closed? I tried contacting support and they cant find my account dispite using the same email and having the info?

That’s right, unless the refund can’t be matched to a transaction as mentioned in this FAQ.

I’d recommend reaching out to the support team again to double-check this. If they’re struggling to locate your account then you can also provide your mobile number and Postcode as this extra identifying information can also be used to locate your account.

It’s come through new problems

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