Clumsy sign up process for Portuguese users

For Portuguese users, after completing the sign up process in the app, a “pending approval” message shows up and if nothing is done the app stays indefinitely stuck there.

Only after reaching out to support is an ID photo or scan asked for in order to complete sign up and receive the card.

As I understand this is needed as the Portuguese central bank has some stricter rules on ID verification, however shouldn’t the user be given a clue as to what’s going on instead of having to proactively contact Curve to move the process on?

I’d imagine most people after seeing the “pending approval” message on the app for a couple of days will just delete the app and don’t think of Curve ever again


Totally agree with you… the sign up process is such a mess. Hope they acknowledge this and find a better way of doing so. Because as you said, some people loss interest in the app when they have these issues.


I’ve had my registration “completed” for about 3 weeks … When i’ve contacted the chat support to see why i didn’t recieved my card … they told me that was n error with my identification and i’ve donne the whole process again with support chat.
I can tell that many people will not do this (talk with the support when supostly everything is OK) and because of a simple thing they will not complete the subscription and use curve :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::thinking::grimacing:

Great feedback @megamaster! The Operation team will look into it :slight_smile:

@JaimeFer thanks for reaching out to us. You’re probably right and we should find a better way for our customers!

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