Colruyt Supermarket Belgium/Luxemburg using Curve

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Has anyone been succesfull using their Curve card to pay at Colruyt supermarket?

The card gets rejected by their paying terminal. (Colruyt only accepts debit cards, this they told me)

At Aldi and Lidl curve works fine.

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So weird to read about such problems in Europe. In Latvia all “normal” cards (not sure about amex) works everywhere, no exception. I can remember only 1 time in past (many years ago), when in small shop I got rejected to use card by cashier, becouse amount was small. No such issues anymore.

Hello, for Colruyt in Belgium, stores only accept Bancontact on maestro cards. Visa and mastercard do not work, it is a choice of the brand for bank charges

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maestro will be gone soon :crazy_face:

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Yeah,. I know, but why is it in the merchants list to get 1% cashback (black and metal cards) of Curve when the card can not be used at Colruyt, makes no sense.
I guess someone from Curve spoke with Colruyt to make this happen or how did they get into the merchants list?

No, they didn’t.

  1. Curve funds the Curve Cash programme. Retailer selections are made by Curve and we are not affiliated nor do we have agreements with any of the merchants listed. All queries relating to the Curve Cash programme should be directed to us.

So how did Colruyt end up in the retail list on Curve to get 1% cashback? Curve card can not being used at their terminals.

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Simple, Curve have just put them on there, assuming MasterCard could be used to pay there. Same happened with the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands. At almost all ‘normal’ Albert Heijn supermarkets MasterCard is not accepted, but still they are on the retailer list.

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Ok, but what is the official status of the Curve card, is it a debit card actually (issued by mastercard) or is it seen as a credit card? I guess it is recognised by those terminals (albert heyn and Colruyt) as a creditcard instead of a debitcard or what do you see as explanation?

The Curve card is a debit card and is recognised as such. Can not speak for Colruyt, but most Albert Heijn supermarkets are only accepting Maestro (and VPay). So though Curve is a debit card and not a creditcard it is still not accepted.
Employees in Albert Heijn will tell you they don’t accept credit cards, when they actually mean they don’t accept Visa and MasterCard.

Yeah, same like i thought, lets hope this will change soon like mentioned in that article that they will stop supporting Maestro. Thanks for clarifying Paul.

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This thread interests me, because living in London which is not a long drive to Belgium, I have visited several branches of Colruyt. I was impressed by the prices but unfortunately I never found the beer I wanted in a suitable size or type of container for transporting in large quantities back to London.

Yes, Maestro is already on its way out. Deutsche Bank, which issues physical Maestro debit cards, issues its equivalent Apple Pay debit cards as MasterCard debit, which annoying means having to use the physical card at retailers that accept Maestro but not MasterCard debit. I don’t know whether Maestro is supported by Apple Pay.

I believe that Maestro is widespread only in ceratin Germanic countries where retailers are very price-sensitive to card acceptance fees. In most cases, Maestro replaced a national payment system that was incompatible with EU rules on cross-border card acceptance.

Normally It doesn’t work, but surprisingly, yesterday we tried again and the payment went through. The only thing I can think of … holiday season

So I’ll keep on trying.

shop: Colruyt Bredene, Belgium

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