Communication is key .... Customers are king

I am finding myself in a very difficult position right now, i love the idea of the Curve card, i love the look and feel of the Metal card, i really like having that something new and cutting edge and i really like the entire Ethos behind what Curve stands for.

However …

It doesn’t matter how good you are or how great a product you have to offer if you don’t engage and look after the people that are effectively funding your business.

I appreciate that all new companies have a learning curve (no pun intended) and that as they build the business they need to look after the cashflow and direct where the money is best spent, but to ignore your customer base when they have genuine concerns and worries about the most emotive of subjects the safe keep of there cash is quite frankly not good enough.

And here i come to the key point … communication … you would find that the vast majority of your customers, myself included, would be very forgiving should you set proper levels of expectations and stick to it.

It is the not knowing and the being ignored that infuriates people and in the end will ultimately alienate the people that you say your trying to serve.

I can see from the sort of comments that appear on the community that i am not alone in this, removing and hiding the posts under the guise of the community rules does not change the fact that there is obviously an issue that needs to be resolved.

I cannot tell you what to do, and i want to be a long standing supporter of you and your product but i don’t know how long i can do that if when things go wrong and need addressed i am not even worthy of a response to my numerous requests for help.

Or better still rather than relying just on email put in something a bit more interactive like live chat and man it.


Couldn’t have said it better! I agree 100%, although i only had one issue with Curve, the way i feel treated, and ignored, and also the fact that they admit the fault was theirs but they do nothing to appease or even offer us something in return, infuriates me. The fact that no clear explanation is given about the issue a lot of us are facing regarding Samsung and Google Pay outside the UK and if they can (and don’t want to) or can’t do anything about it only makes things worse…


You’re asking for a predictable level of service, eg setting expectations and sticking to them.

That takes stability, and by definition you’re not dealing with a stable business. It’s a business that’s still trying to figure out what to do.

If you want stability and predictability, don’t look for them in an early stage startup frantically searching for user growth to satisfy investors.

I’m not saying you’re wrong or unreasonable, just saying you’re not going to get what you want because the incentives aren’t on your side.

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I get that, though dont think any sane investor would be pleased if the growth is not sustainable due to bad customer service


The in app and email customer service leaves quite a lot to be desired but gets there in the end. However, the attitude and occasional authoritarian streaks when dealing with customers on the forum is frankly chilling.


It’s exactly why I decided to cancel my investment and downgrade to blue - a process they made blatantly hard with deliberate falsehoods. When faced with the evidence there was no apology. That’s not an incentive to pick a premium product with them ever again.

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Hi Andrew,

I completely agree with you. I was one of the very first to use Curve and since I have vastly reduced my input and declined being part of their testers etc. I find the inept serious bad customer communication responses horrendous and not to mention how they do manipulate their own forum when it does not go in their favour etc. And so much more.

To add to this, is the utter lack of not having a dedicated phone number with customer call return if they are genuinely too busy is astonishing to me, and as you rightly said to invest in a product that lacks the clear and poor customer communications especially when it is to do with financial transactions is quite frankly unacceptable.

They exaggerated the services and kept changing them, made promises they knew were not going to be upheld and assume their customers are pretty much dumb?

I guess will see if this modern new company will dig deep and become far more customer focused and be honest about their product services.

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