Community page new category and structure

Hello everyone,

As you have probably already noticed - the community page has been restructured a bit and we have two new categories: Product and Features and Development!

The Product and Features category contains information and discussions on our existing products: Curve Metal, Curve Black, and Curve Blue. You’ll also find newcomer friendly threads on various features under the subcategory How does X work?

Due to what’s going on with Amex the posts on the topic will have its own subcategory within Development. I’ll go through the community to gather the existing topics.

All categories are still here, including the posts. Feedback and Ideas have been separated. Ideas is now its own category, while the subcategory Feedback can be found under Development.

The update was made to make it easier to navigate the community for long-time members and newcomers. Please do test it out and let me know what you think in this thread!


Is it possible to make this post pinned by default so that everyone sees it at the top of their list?

Then everyone has the opportunity to get up to date and can unpin later if they wish.

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Made it into a banner topic - should be pretty hard to miss :slight_smile:

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That’s EXACTLY it !!

Thankyou Marie😁

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Sensible changes, esp splitting feedback and ideas more clearly :+1: