Company Business Cards on Curve

Dear all,

Was wondering if anyone had any experience with linking a company card to Curve. My firm uses pleo, a card that helps with expense reporting. Whenever we swipe the card, it will show up in their app, and we can take pictures of the receipts and where the transaction was made.

Does anyone know what would show up if i link the card to curve? Would it seem like every transaction comes from the same person - Curve.

Many Thanks!

Hello! Welcome to the community!

When using curve, the MCC code passes through now, so you’d usually see it as “CRV*Merchant”, or that’s how it shows up in my Monzo now!

This is not true with Revolut. At least, I have this issue since months. Previously it worked fine.

Thanks guys! Seems like it will pass through to the company app based on what you guys said. I will give it a try!

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I’m assuming that every person has an individual Pleo card. If this is the case, the transaction will show up as if you made an online purchase with this card.