Compatible banks

I am having problems adding my banks to my Curve account and I was wondering what banks can be used as I have Barclays Metro and Nationwide. If cannot use those banks I will want to close my account as I only have Monzo that I can use on my account

Hey @Dansales86, welcome to the community!

Are you receiving errors when trying to add your cards? I’ve been able to add cards from Barclays and Nationwide successfully.

It just keeps coming up “cannot use this card” try a different card, I’m trying to paste a screen shot but the poxy app keeps crashing every time I tap the Image button

Have you checked that it’s not your bank’s fraud system blocking the card being added?

I havent checked as I didn’t think it would be necessary, but I did ask through a live chat why the card could not be added but because it is not part of the Barclays app they couldn’t help

I have added Barclays debit and credit cards without issues so you should be okay to add your card.

Hmmm sounds like you’re having bad luck.

I’ve just added my Nationwide debit card - the verification is pending.I can see the transaction but not the code, but I’d expect it to work from there.

I used to use Barclaycard credit card fine too.

I am using an iPhone with the Curve app and the shouldn’t affect it. I’m hoping this has nothing to do with my credit rating as well

Definitely reach out to support. Any bank is accepted as long as the card is either Mastercard or Visa.

Hey there! you should be able to load these cards onto the app without issue, If you could raise a ticket with our support team at, we’ll be able to look into this for you.