COMPETITION 🔔 Cashback’s back alright!

COMPETITION :bell: Cashback’s back alright!

COMPETITION :rotating_light:

Cashback’s back alright! :microphone::notes:

Calling all LONDONERS :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Our #CurveKaraoke campaign is now LIVE at bus stops and train stations across London.

We want to give you guys the opportunity to enter our #CurveKaraoke raffle prize draw to be in for a chance to win the following prizes;

  • 1 Year Free Metal Subscription (or 1-year extension of current metal subscription)
  • Exclusive Curve Tee
  • Limited Edition Curve Wallet

All you need to do is find one of our campaign posters across London, take a picture and add it to the thread below.

Winners will be announced Tuesday, September 7th.

If you are not based in London, don’t worry- we will have more competitions coming later this year.

Cashback is live for our UK and EU customers. Earn 1% cashback for 30 days with every successful referral.
Customers who obtain multiple successful referrals will receive additional months of 1% cashback.
Twelve successful referrals amounts to £240 a year of cashback.

Sing, Save and Spend with Curve

#curvekaraoke :rotating_light:


Assuming you spend £24,000 using Curve… correct?


I spotted this today!


Great spot @nesh!

One for the money :pound:, two for the show :dancer:, I was never ready without Curve :credit_card:!

Saw this right outside my house in Clapham Junction

Who won?

Looks like nobody :sweat_smile:

Hey everyone, :wave:

Massive thanks to everyone for taking part in this competition and we’ve loved seeing your pictures as you’ve found our new ads out in the wild in London! As promised, a winner has now been randomly selected… :drum::drum::drum:

:tada: :tada: :tada: Big congratulations to @Dann for winning this competition!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

We’ll be in touch with you by direct message soon @Dann to arrange your free year of Curve Metal and the shipment of your Curve t-shirt and limited edition Curve wallet. :gift:

Submitted a photo but didn’t win this time around? We’ll be running more promotions in the future and in the meantime please keep an eye on your Community inboxes- We’ll be arranging a smaller prize for other participants from this competition soon! :eyes: