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Hi Curve team,

I upgraded on 26.08. to Curve Metal, and I am still waiting for my metal card!!! I contacted already Curve 3 times and I received to my first complaint the answer that I should wait one additional week which I did and wrote them 2 further mails which have not been answered so far where my metal card is. I paid already for 1 year in advance. I did the upgrade only because the card is made of metal, so please do not bother me with the answer that I could use my metal card already through the app. All the other benefits are already covered through my Amex Platinum Card (metal).

In three 3 days I am waiting already 1 month which is not acceptable. Not answering my mails is not acceptable either, especially if you have already the premium subscription in place.
I want finally information when I can expect my metal card. This service is really disappointing! You can’t blame everything to the Brexit. It can’t take 1 month to ship a card from UK to Germany. There must be other reasons.

I am expecting a solution quickly.

Hello @Schotk, welcome to the community!

You can write an formal complaint to the following email address: with the subject line ‘Formal Complaint.’

To successfully resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, please provide the following:

  • A description of your concern.
  • What you would like us to do to put things right.
  • Your name and address.

More info here👇

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