Complete lack of help, how do I activate?

I cannot activate my Investor card because I don’t know the last 4 digits, contacting live help is completely fruitless and after several months of trying they now are ignoring me completely. How on earth am I going to use this useless card?

Hey Huggy, :wave:

It’s best to get in touch with the support team for this matter you can reach them multiple ways, through your app or through Twitter DM (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

Alternatively, you can use the form on the support website to redirect your query to the correct team:

Please do let us know how you’re getting on! :slight_smile:

I love that you said Support has been ignoring you after several months, and the other reply is “it’s best to get in touch with support team, let us know how you’re getting on!” LOL :sweat_smile:

Patrice is right though, Curve issues your card, so it can tell you the last 4 digits of number. Keep trying and use other channels (Twitter, web form, etc.)

It’s pretty funny that Curve requires last 4 digits of the card for activation, but they are issuing numberless card. This is a classical case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

But, we can get more technical… if you are frustrated enough. :wink:

  1. Borrow an Android phone and use NFC Credit Card Reader (EMV) - Apps on Google Play to read the card number:

Likely wont work since there is no contact transaction yet.

  1. Use a PC and borrow a smart card reader. Use CardPeek software, you will get the card number:

Yes meaning that we would like feedback if the poster is still having the above difficulties and of course if things are sorted out successfully.

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At least they responded, albeit a template copy and paste LOL

Patrice58…REALLY? Best to get in touch with the support team!!! Please read my post, I HAVE been doing that since OCTOBER with either no relevant help or no help at all. Really regretting investing in this hopeless company now. I might just give up and cancel my account.

Arya.R, thanks for the suggestions. Not sure if I want to continue with a financial company who don’t reply to customer problems, seems like there could be big issues in the future, I might just walk.

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Well since that’s the only way to get support, yes. I’m extremely sorry that you feel frustrated but attempting to take out your frustration on people that’s trying to help you isn’t a good look.

As for you cancelling your account, obviously you have to do whatever you feel is in your best interests.

Would you like me to delete your community profile also? If so please let me know and I’ll gladly do it for you.


I was not taking anything out on you, but it isn’t actually any help suggesting i contact customer support if my problem is that i cant get help from customer support ! Catch 22.
If that is the quality of the advice on here i would be more than delighted for you to delete my profile.


No problem I’ll make sure that’s done immediately.

Please note you’ll still have to cancel your Curve account directly with Curve.

I know that’s probably just a quip, but it’s pretty close to reality and it’s sad we have the bar set that low.:joy:

You are welcome, and yeah, a user shouldn’t have to do some circus nerd stuff just to activate a payment card.

I also had to wait for inordinate amount of time when contacting support, so I get where you are coming from. To be fair to Curve, once I get a competent support person handling my case, then the problem got solved real fast. But this typically happens after significant wait and repeated requests to escalate.

Finally, I have to admit: an (nevertheless polite) offer to delete a disastified customer’s (investor.'s?) account is… interesting.

Not really it was an offer, not a ultimatum. The user was free to take it or leave it.

[added more context] Some users want to remain a user in this Community even though they don’t have a Curve account as they’ve cancelled it for whatever reason, some users want to just have a Curve account and not have a Curve Community account anymore, some users want to delete both their Curve account and their associated Curve Community account if they feel they want to make a clean break or for any other reason.

For the record: I said it was an polite offer, ‘ultimatum’ is your very own word.

Which is why I used the very same phase as above in the very first sentence of my first paragraph.

Further more let’s get something straight, I’ve deleted his account not banned him, so he is free to make another account whatever he chooses.


I mean the poor guy didn’t ask you to delete his account in the first place, you offered to delete it for him FIRST.

After that he still did not explicitly ask you delete his account. He said “If that is the quality of the advice on here I would be more than delighted for you to delete my profile”, sounds like any frustrated customer not getting anywhere, would say something like this.

Rather then helping poor guy further, sounds like he hurt your feelings with his response to you, and you went on a little power trip to immediately delete his account. That’s what it seems to me anyway, unless you go around offering to delete users’ account every day, without being prompted :person_shrugging:

For the record, I don’t want you to delete my account ever please :joy:.


Yes that is indeed right, I did.

Yeah a very condescending reply which is absolutely fine but however if he didn’t want his account deleted a no would have been sufficient.

No he didn’t hurt my feelings as believe me nothing on here is ever personal.

If somebody wants to delete their Curve account we normally ask if they want to keep their Curve Community account open as well.

Please see above, it wasn’t necessarily unprompted.

You’re hilarious. :grin:

Please don’t delete forum accounts from users who are having problems contacting support - Curve is really struggling to respond to customers as they’re having more queries than usual ‘at the moment’. Even for Metal customers it’s a looong wait.

There won’t be anyone left on the forum if accounts here get deleted and users can’t point out problems in other people’s advice. This is called a community for a reason.


Wow that was a huge leap for you to have made, especially as I’ve explained the reasoning to why I did so above in microscopic detail.