Compliments to Customer Support Team

It is a little late but I want to say thank you to customer support team members who helped me to solve my issue.
I had the blocked account issue since January and was slowly losing hopes as it was taking so long to receive a reply.
Slowly but surely, several members helped me out and I could finally set up samsung pay.

Rakhee, Liam K, Matthew, Aaron, Luke H, Grace, Anthony

Thank you so much guys for not giving up on my issue. My life got so much more convenient now.
I know customer support is getting so many complaints but I assume it’s more like management problems.
You guys are the best!!


Hi @Jinicos, thank you so much for sharing! I’ll be passing this on to the people you’ve mentioned, we really appreciate it!

Glad to hear that they solved your issue :raised_hands:

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I completely agree. Support works well, unfortunately lack of staff is a real problem😣
Congratulations for all the team but don’t miss customers are unhappy with this situation (account blocking and understaffing).

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