Computer printed card-signature

Back in the day I had a Credit Card [UK Building Society, can’t remember which] that had your signature printed on the card, taken from a paper-signed signature. This paper signature was easier to sign and gave a more consistent result, easier because a better surface to sign on and because it was a much larger space – the actual signature on the card was shrunk to their required size.

A similar system would be great for the Curve Cards – presumably now via some form of digital signature. Because, frankly, the signature boxes are ridiculously small.

My Curve investor card already does not have a signature field anymore. Neither does my Vivid, bunq, N26 and even my highstreet bank card.

I am pretty sure also the signature field will not be there anymore, just like the Curve investor card does not have it anymore.

Interesting, thanks - My metal card (new this week) still has a sig. strip, I wonder what the delay is - using up stock?

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Could be old stock. I received metal card in June still written in Issued by “Wirecard”

I remember these too - I remember RBS doing it for certain.

Mine doesn’t have “Wirecard” or any indication of Issued By.

A question - what is the difference (apart from the obvious) with a card that doesn’t require a signature and one that does but hasn’t been signed. Does the “not required” card have something else that makes no signature necessary (other than a lack of signature-panel!)?

I thought it was just a gradual process they were rolling out to remove them? Mastercard signs off on removal of card signature panel