Concierge Service for Metal

A concierge service as part of metal would be great! Would make more people consider!

Excellent idea. Like max card in france (card aggregation, conciergerie and so on).

Totally agree with you guys :slight_smile: pls vote


I thought MasterCard World elite already has a 24/7 concierge number?

Have you tried it

If I’m correct, on the United States have the mastercard world elite concierge.

“It appears your bank card is currently not subscribed to the World Elite Mastercard Concierge, or you have a different card type. If you have a World card, please visit to access World Mastercard Concierge. Otherwise, please contact your bank and ask that the concierge program be added to your card benefits.”

Better just stick with Amex one

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Have had Amex The Platinum for awhile, never used the concierge, as I can never be sure what they can help with.

Anyone elaborate a bit more? Thanks

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I’ve used World Elite and Amex Concierge. Amex was more attentive, understood my requests and able complete more tasks by far.

Additionally World Elite is very poor when compared to their Black offering this is through the experiences through a of a family member.