Confused. Declined transaction went to Curve Credit

US user

How do I pay the balance that apparently went to the Curve Credit card? And if I read some of the information right about this my balance will be paid by the card I have preselected? Well, the preselected card was declined. I can select another card but what if it’s declined because it has a low balance? What happens?

I’d like to just pay the credit card off now so I don’t have to wait for an automatic attempt by Curve. Can I do that?

Also, sorry, I see that I can’t go back in time for this problem. Is that because if a the card I had selected is declined all credit charge on the Curve Card are final and there’s no back in time option for that?

Thanks, hard to find specific answers

You will need to add a Debit card first. Then go to Curve credit and select “Pay”.

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Piggybacking on this one: how does a transaction land on the Curve Credit card?

I’d expect it would be transactions that don’t have rules, but I do have a “General Purpose” rules and still got a charge to my Curve Credit card.

And why don’t i have the “go back in time” button like i have on my registered credit card from other banks?

As of the moment, the pharmacy, drugstore, real estate, casino and online subscription merchants are not supported with Curve.

So this means if you purchase anything at the above establishments (or the txn codes as such) it will go to Curve Credit.

Huh… Interesting. Is that information posted somewhere for users to know about?

Nope - I got that info from customer service.

To answer the original poster, a charge can land on Curve Credit as part of the “anti embarrassment” feature, which unfortunately per customer service can’t be turned off.

Worse, once a charge lands on Curve Credit, it cannot be moved with Back In Time.

I am currently using rules, and have a fallback card selected, and so far have avoided further charges to Curve Credit.

But what I’d really like is an option to turn off Curve Credit altogether. I never want to put a charge somewhere with no cashback, and I imagine 99% of Curve’s target audience doesn’t want to either.

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