Confusion legacy black or not?

I was in time to opt in to get the legacy black instead of the new subscription black. I got the card now and activated and everything. However beside that I could select 3 more merchant to get the cashback from and also the physical card is black there’s no where in the app which says I’m on the legacy black currently. If I go to my card page it show I’m on the blue card.

I have talked with the support in which I was told it is a known bug and they’re on the way to fix it? However that was couple of weeks ago, and I really want to see in the app that I am on the legacy black plan and nothing else.

Legacy Black hasn’t launched yet as an option so you won’t see it in the app for now I’m afraid.

However, in the app it says I’m on the blue card, although I own the black card physically, and I did opt in for the legacy card before it that option was removed.

@ediflyer is right, the Legacy Black programme is in the works and we will update you as soon as we finalise it.

We’ve forwarded your feedback on clearly showing the Legacy Black programme and the right card in the app to the Product team :slight_smile:

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I am still waiting for the update to come through to the app.
Love Curve’s app and card, I really hope there will be an update soon which can clear the confusion on what card I have in the app.

Hello @ganmo,

The Curve Black Legacy tier is in the works :slight_smile: You can find more information in this post:

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