Confusion reigns

I have found Curve useful but does anyone actually know what you’re entitled to and what you get as a Curve user?

I have never known confusion like it.

I’m on Old Black Curve, which allows me 1% unlimited cashback at random high street retailers. I then got a Curve Blue but still kept my 1% even though I was switched from Commercial to Personal user.

I wasn’t allowed to select which retailers to get cashback at as new users who joined after me were allowed to.

There was no explanation why my card changed from Black to Blue and from Commerical to Personal.

Now with even more colours and options does anyone actually know what is what.

I say this as a fan of Curve. Curve need to get their newest hire to map out what all the various options and legacy options still exist and map it out. It will not be an easy task. Get on top of this before launching more options and features that only muddle the product.


Old Black (depending on how old “old black” is) would of given you 3 to 5 per cent and not 1 per cent.

Have a look here.

I definitely had a Black Curve Card. And I most certainly had 1% cashback.

This is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about :man_facepalming:t4:

Thanks Patrice. I’m aware of your post.

This doesn’t change the fact I had a Curve Black, with Curve 1% rewards.

What I’m highlighting here, and you’re helping too, is that essentially it’s a lucky dip as to what features, colour card and tier you get placed on, and that it changes without rhyme or reason.

I’m trying to explain that actually, no that’s not the case. Curve blue has always been the free version of Curve and that has not changed.

Next comes Legacy Curve Black. Different rates of cashback/rewards are in effect depending on when the card was applied for.

The new Curve Black comes with extra additional stuff like fee free use of Amex cards of up to £1000 pound per month which will cost I believe £9.99 per month.

Curve Metal costs £14.99 per month or £150 per year and has unlimited American Express top-ups, a choice of three cool metal cards to choose from and some travel and insurance benefits

When curve switched users from the prepaid commercial card to debit cards a lot of people got the black card and felt there account had been upgraded to black (now known as legacy black). In reality they still had a blue account just with the black coloured card. I agree all very confusing though.


Try not to be too defensive. I like Curve. But just re read your mumble and see how confusing it is. Or look at the forum. No one knows what’s going on. I include curve staff in this, looking at their answers to users questions.

Best would be to contact support via email / in app ticket and ask about your card. The other users can just speculate which won’t help much in the end and can only cause more confusion on your side.

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So you needed help, I was trying to help you and your asking me to stop being defensive?

I have absolutely no need to be defensive about anything. I was only trying to help but I guess you was more interested in name calling. Never mind.

That’s probably what happened to tell the truth.

I too have a black card - it has BETA in the logo. I applied and received my card in January 2018 i.e. before 16th February 2018 when things changed. I also get 1% on a handful of stores. So I agree with the original poster - it is very confusing having a Black card with 1% on some purchases yet I’m not a business customer !!


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Contact Curve and ask them and I’m sure they will help you regarding what card type you have and the rewards/cashback value you are entitled to.

@patrice58 already gave the perfect answer, I’m closing this thread here now since @patrice58 gave the best sollution :slight_smile: