Connecting curve to a Money Management App?

Lovely people of the Curve Community a question for you.

Has anyone connected their Curve Card to a Money Management type platform? Such as Moneyhub or Money Dashboard.

Is it even possible?

I would like to connect the card to get greater granularity of my spending, IE more categories and reports.

Feedback or workaround suggestions always welcome.


It’s not currently possible as Curve isn’t a supported provider on any of those problems.

Apparently Curve are open to it but nobody has agreed to implement support on their platform yet.

However, if you like, you can connect the bank accounts of the “underlying cards” you use in Curve to these apps. The transactions then will appear as they do on your bank statement, so they will be prefixed by Crv*, but otherwise normal.

This may be a workaround that works well for you in the meantime, especially if you mainly want to analyse your spend and/or budget using these apps.

I hope this helps!